As Seluz Fragrance Company, we are one of the fastest growing fragrance companies globally. We still work a lot and invest heavily in our people, technology, quality and sustainability. We keep our passion for perfection and aim to give the highest customer satisfaction. In our Istanbul headquarters, we have a total space of 17.000 square meters and we provide fragrance solutions for a great variety of product groups under Fine Fragrance, Personal Care and Home Care main categories. Though consumer demands and market facts underlie our strategies, we use our creative and innovative thinking to go beyond our clients’ expectations. Seluz R&D team keep up with the latest technological advances to develop new formulas and applications according to global and regional market trends and clients’ specific needs. All Seluz formulations are created and manufactured to comply with the latest standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Sustainability of our planet and guarantee of our employees’ health and safety are key pillars for us. With our waste control system and other modern environmental standards, we aim for a sustainable and green future.

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